Welcome to guruscripts.com.  I have accumulated a few php scripts that I think will be helpful to others.  I am not currently selling software or scripts so I thought I might just share these short php snippets for all to enjoy.  Of course, you can use these but please give credit and use at your own risk. I am famous for writing code that works most of the time and I rarely find time to toss in exceptions.

I find that different pieces of code help me in several ways:

  1. Save time using the same code multiple times
  2. Reduce errors by using scripts that I know work
  3. Stand on the shoulders of giants by finding good resources from other great programmer

I hope to share with you different ways to check your clickbank balance with a cron job email, basic google calendar api tricks, and other useful tools I have built along the way.  You will definitely see that some modification is required to fit your own needs and some basic programming logic is required, but you should be able to cut and paste for the most part.  These scripts are written with the most basic functions and are fairly easy to read if you have had some exposure to php or java.

I recommend you use a good text editor such as Notepad++ and FileZilla to upload your files to your host. After you modify to fit your needs you will need to upload the file to your own server.  Your server will provide you the information you need to connect your FTP software to your host server.  After you upload your file you will need to set up a cron-job to fire some of these if you like.  The file will be called at a preset time and then possibly email you or someone else with the information that you need.

Enjoy the scripts and I hope they work well for you.

Script Guru